Rekindling First Love


So during my “cancer treatment summer vacation”, I felt spiritually dry to the bone. Looking for some thread to hang on to, I went with a friend to a small Bible study group. They were a wonderful group of devoted women who were studying Revelation, which to tell the truth didn’t interest me so much as just being in their community. I was and still am in place where scripture doesn’t resonate with me, and I didn’t have the concentration or focus to do the homework.

But Jesus used two scriptures to grab my attention.  In Rev 1,  John has a glorious vision of Jesus and is told “write what you have seen” so others can be blessed. Then in Rev 2:4,5, the church in Ephesus is told to “repent for forsaking the love you had at first, and “do the things you did at first”.   So Meg, can you hear me now?

In my early days with Jesus, He told me “you’ll look back later on this as your honeymoon period”.  So I’m ready for a second honeymoon!  To recapture my first love of Jesus, I am going back to the beginning and revisitIng my early journals about the dreams, visions and spiritual experiences that I had as a new believer. And as I work to rekindle my passion for Jesus, I will be sharing them so others may be blessed!


4 thoughts on “Rekindling First Love

  1. I love both verses, but especially to write what you’ve seen. It’s a way to capture, instead of forgetting, our experiences and walk with Jesus!

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  2. Just curious if you did the Beth Moore study? Revelations is a fascinating book with tons visual and scriptural poetry. Perfect for rekindling old flames. Love your painting too.


  3. Meg, I’m so glad you have your journals to go back to. I have processed much of my life on the pages of my journals. I look forward to reading more.

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  4. Meg, you have reminded me of a time when I was so dry. I would stand in the shower and say to the Lord, “I don’t know how to do this ” walk with You.” So, as I stand under this water, cleanse me. And, I ask You to make me fall in love with You. I surrender.” He met me at my point of need and heard my cries, really my whimper, for help.
    Amazing God we serve, love and delight in. He is all we need.


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