Deep Calls to Deep

Psalm 42:7 – Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

Waking up one morning in peace, able to hear God (for once in a long time). I had just made a change in my post-cancers meds a week ago and already was feeling better. I was wondering if this whole deep dive into my past traumas had been necessary. Maybe I could have just changed the meds, or never started, and I would have been fine. Able to go on with my life without the PTSD, the meltdowns, the loss of the person I thought I was.

But I was hearing God clearly this peaceful morning. And He was telling me that He needed to bring His love to a deeper place in my body and soul, literally “where the sun don’t shine”. My faith had filled my conscious mind and my heart with the knowledge of His love, but there were deeper places that hadn’t been touched. My whole fight, flight, freeze response system, the places in my body where trauma was stored, the early childhood memory fragments that shaped so much of my unconscious beliefs about myself and the world.

And the only way for God to reach those places was to push me past my ability to “cope”, past my expectations about who God is and how He was supposed to respond when I called out to Him. I had to go back to that abandoned child that still lived within me and bring her into the light of His love. And I had to learn to love myself in the broken places that had never received loving kindness and comfort.

He wants to reach those deep places in our body and soul so they can be saved and healed, and filled with the light of His love!

11 thoughts on “Deep Calls to Deep

  1. So beautiful and so true! Thank you so much for sharing.

    In Him,

    Brooke Holt, Adult Curriculum Specialist
    Cell: 407-462-2937

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  2. Meg,
    Your words are powerful and watercolor moving. I pray the break through you have received leads you to more of God, and the joy only He can give. Miss you.


  3. This is your best writing yet. There was such emotional outpouring that I was overwhelmed!
    Now allow His love to continue to flow outward through you ❤️❤️ Keep writing!

    Sent from my iPad


    1. You’re continued encouragement has meant so much! Hoping I can start writing more regularly ☺️


  4. Love your vulnerability – and your watercolors! And you. xo


  5. Hi Meg – glad to see you writing again. Gwen said she’s gotten together with you. I hope your doing well, and thanks for sharing.


    1. Next time I get together with Gwen for coffee, hope you can join!


  6. Thanks Meg ❤️


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