The River of God

Note: I wrote this before “the virus” arrived in our lives, but realize that it’s totally on point for where we are now. We now have a government mandated order to be still before God! And even as we struggle with our fears for ourselves and our country, the river of God is like a deep current moving us all towards God’s plans for our good, towards our hope and future!

For “some reason “ when I powered on my iPad this morning, the Bible App flashed up and then disappeared. Too much to be a coincidence so I opened it up, wondering what scripture I was supposed to look at. Remembering that the phrase “the river of God” had been floating through my mind lately, I did a search and found it in Psalm 46. Then I kept reading and found that Psalm 46 also has those wonderful and frightening words – “be still and know that I am God”.

Being Still Before God: It slowly struck me that during the almost two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve had to be still before God. I’ve often felt totally unable to pray, read scripture, do morning devotions, or any of the other Christian stuff that I used to do regularly. I didn’t talk to God and He didn’t talk to me. At first that was very frightening, and I struggled to find a way to connect again, but nothing seemed to work. Had He abandoned me when I needed Him the most?

The River of God: But lately I’ve had a feeling that a deep current was flowing through me, moving me forward to pursue healing and restoration, not only for my body, but also for my damaged soul. I’ve done lots of prayer for inner healing over the years and had thought I pretty well covered everything. But I now realize that I still have plenty of traumas, both big and small, stored up in my body and soul waiting to be released and healed.

Finding Him in the Silence: Even though it wasn’t my plan or intent, I’ve had to experience Him in the silence, without words or actions on my part. And I’ve found He met me there in the deepest part of my spirit and soul, so I know beyond a doubt that He is always moving in my life for good, to bring healing and restoration to body, soul and spirit.

God pours out His loving kindness on us not because of what we do or don’t do, but because that’s who He is.

10 thoughts on “The River of God

  1. Beautiful post Meg. We have certainly all been pulled into surrender. It’s strange to think that those of us who’ve experienced serious illness or hardship before now, are ‘lucky’ to have gotten in some surrender practice. I hope you’re well and safe.


    1. Thank you that with all that’s going on you still are such an encourager!

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  2. I needed this and we all need this scripture Psalm 46.
    Thank you.

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  3. Hi Meg – I was thinking about you a few days ago. This is a spot-on message to remember. We’ve been reading in a journal for Lent. Last week’s verses from Exodus 14 said “the Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.” I have such a hard time being still. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. I can not believe it has taken me so long to reply to your heart felt blog. I absolutely love the image you portray of, “the river of God flowing through us.” Not only through us but through the world we live in. You captured the enormity of His power and might. Thank you for sharing. You are a child of God and He is using you for His glory and for the benefit of all of us. ❤️❤️ judy


  5. Excellent, Meg!!!


  6. Still love and need this word and beautiful painting. Thank you, my dear friend. Ps 46:1 is also my favorite go to…He is my refuge and strength, my very present help in time of need.
    Powerful chapter! Love you and thank you!


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