Spiritual Easter Eggs

A few years ago, the Lord gave me this picture of our spiritual development and birth. Romans 8:18, 19: Nothing compares to “the glory that will be revealed in us.  For the creation waits in eager anticipation for the children of God to be revealed.”
Each of us is born into an earthly body which is our home on earth, as an egg is the home of a chick. While we are in our egg of flesh, we are surrounded by darkness, for the womb of the Spirit, the birthing place for our eternal life, is dark. Though we are in darkness, our shell of flesh carries within it the seed of eternal Light in its innermost parts.
Just as an egg must be fertilized to bring forth a chick, our fleshly egg must be impregnated by the Holy Spirit for us to be born of the Spirit. The fertilized seed is surrounded by the living water of the Spirit as the chick is surrounded by the fluid in its shell. The waters are rich with every nutrient we need.
These nutrients are the fruit of the Spirit: love, peace, joy and the others, and they are our spiritual DNA, the building blocks from which we are formed in the Spirit. Our spiritual embryo is also connected to the Source of all Life, like the chick is connected to the rich egg yolk and a baby is connected by the placenta. This is another way of saying that we are the branches and He is the vine.
The Spirit hovers over us as a hen broods upon her eggs, giving us just the right amount of heat and pressure to incubate our eternal spirit. Like a careful husbandman turns his eggs from time to time, the Lord changes our circumstances so that we don’t have any flat spots.
As our spirit grows it begins to push to break free from the flesh that confines it, like a chick chipping away at it’s shell. Sometimes our merciful Lord also helps us crack through by applying gentle pressure from the outside.
Our loving God cherishes each of us like the jeweler treasures a Faberge egg, his most precious and beautiful creation. No one has seen the glorious creatures that will emerge from our fleshly eggs; the whole world waits with anticipation. Yet the glory that pours forth just from the cracks in our shells is enough to take the angels’ breath away!

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Easter Eggs

  1. Those are some deep thoughts friend! Your word picture draws a visual as beautiful as your painted one. xo

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  2. “The Lord changes our circumstances so that we don’t have any flat spots.” That’s really good. How often do we feel and/or fall flat? Thanks, Meg!


    1. Of course, it’s not always comfortable when the Lord changes out circumstances!

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  3. Shannon Michaelis April 16, 2019 — 2:05 am

    Meg I LOVE the painting of your egg and the analogy of the Spirit surrounding us as the egg surrounds the chick. A great way to reflect during Holy Week. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


    1. Thanks for encouragement!


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