She Did Believe!

In my last post I relayed a dream in which my mother told me that I would need to love her in order for her to believe in God. And after much work with the Lord, He did miraculously restore my ability to love my mother just as she was, difficult and cranky or not.

I had been praying for her to come to know the Lord for some years, and as her health declined and she was placed under hospice care, I decided that I was not going to worry about her salvation. I decided I would trust the Lord to save her, even if it was at the moment of her death and even if I never knew about it. Getting out of fear and unbelief, and being willing to trust, made all the difference.

I think the enemy works overtime to torment us with fear about our unsaved loved ones.  And our fear and anxiety takes us out of faith and belief, and into enemy territory. Then we feel like we need to ambush our loved ones to talk to them about the gospel, and they end up feeling like there is a target on their back. Even when it’s unspoken, they are aware we have an agenda. Even making the internal judgment that they are going to hell unless we know they’ve prayed for salvation takes us away from faith on their behalf. So, by the Lord’s grace, I was able to release my fear and trust that my mother was in the Lord’s hands.

Toward the end of my mother’s life, after several mini-strokes, she became much less demanding and critical, no longer needing to be in control at all times. At the end of one of my visits, I stopped by the nursing home to see her one last time before I headed to the airport. She was calm and lucid, no health aides were coming and going, and the Lord created a moment when I could speak to her. I told her that there is a heaven and that Jesus is real. And with both of us in tears, she prayed with me to receive Jesus. Miracle of miracles! The Lord was so gracious to allow me to witness her salvation!

Recently, in praying for another loved one, I heard the Lord saying to me, “Faith is like a beacon calling them home, like a lighthouse shining in the darkness. It’s like a roadway for them to follow home. So don’t waiver or grow faint in your faith, hold on and keep praying.” So please Lord, help us to trust You in faith, relying on Your loving kindness and mercy for our loved ones, and not on our own efforts!

14 thoughts on “She Did Believe!

  1. Thanks, Meg, for sharing your beautiful story of God answering your prayers for your mother’s salvation. He is so good! And your lesson on trusting Him completely with our loved ones eternal destiny is so encouraging, hopeful and releasing!


    1. That’s what I hope for – that when we can release our fears, it gives Him room to touch our loved ones directly!


  2. Another wonderful writing. Thank you for sharing. Being real and vulnerable with each other allows us all to love and grow together. May our faith grow stronger each and every day!


    1. Amen! Sharing stories of God’s goodness encourages us all!


  3. So wonderful to read that Meg – and helpful too, as I continue to pray for my almost 92 year old dad. xo


    1. God will create a moment for him, and we can trust that His love is greater than ours!


  4. mary soderstrom April 2, 2019 — 9:23 pm

    Meg, this was very valuable for me. I struggle with pushing the Christ agenda in subtle ways that they hate.

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    1. We need to wait for a Holy Spirit inspired moment, but that’s hard to do!


  5. What a special gift for you, Meg. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Your steady encouragement means a lot to me! Thank you!

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      1. You’re so welcome! I hope you’re doing well. Are you returning to Central Oregon for the summer?


      2. May 14th, so pretty soon now!


  6. Meg,
    Your tender words of love and truth are so beautiful! You have blessed me and others immensely to the point of growing us into exactly how the Lord wants us to be…..
    living in faith and trusting Him for all. Thank you again!
    Love, Millie


    1. I know your heart of love for your family, and the Lord will honor that!


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